Winter Residents

by Tom Simplot

Mar 12, 2017

The community pool and barbecues may seem a bit busier this time of year. Parking in your community may feel tighter and there’s more action in the gym than in the summer months. If you live in a rental community where winter visitors live, you should be in the swing of their visit.


Many apartment communities offer short term rentals in their communities, many are even furnished, for our winter visitors. Tucson and Phoenix earn consistently high marks as destinations for eastern visitors looking to escape the cold.


Many of these visitors who prefer apartments want a more urban, walkable experience where they can enjoy outdoor activities, dining, and shopping within walking distance or using transit.


Winter visitors do so much for the Arizona economy when they arrive. They shop, rent and own homes, and enjoy all the benefits that Arizona has to offer. Their investment in our communities contributes millions in sales tax revenues and adds to our economic base.


As a permanent resident, this can be a great time to reach out and share your favorite local businesses, coffee shops, museums and new dining destinations. You can support your best local businesses with referrals and recommendations and help these winter visitors shop local too.