Vacation Home Safety

by Tom Simplot

Jul 24, 2016

Every morning we are treated to jealousy-inspiring photos of cool vacations from our friends and neighbors on Facebook and Instagram. Their smiling faces on lakes and beaches and in the woods of Flagstaff have us considering our own vacation plans and how we will share photos online this summer.

Images also signal to thieves your home is prime for a break-in. It may be as simple as a car break-in, but criminals may target your home for a robbery. Social media and your e-mail out-of-office reply let these folks know you will be away for days at a time and when you are planning to return. It doesn’t take much work to find your address online.


Savvy renters will let trusted neighbors know they will be traveling and how to reach them. You should also let your apartment community manager know if you are planning a longer trip. Put a temporary hold on your mail via Ask friends to check on your home regularly while you are away.


Even though it’s fun to share your photos during your trip, you may be putting your home and family at risk. Criminals use social media to target homes for robberies. Save photos and post them online when you return. If you are planning to post images, add security filters to your pages and only allow friends to view images.


If you leave a spare key for family members or neighbors, be sure you put that key away before you leave.


If your parking space is covered or outside, be sure your car is locked and emptied of items someone may want. Your car may be safer in a locked garage, but remove any electronics and valuables from the car before you leave.


Social media offer an easy way to share vacation experiences with many people. Some care in how and when you share can protect your home and family.