Tips to prevent crime during tourist season

by Tom Simplot

Jan 15, 2015

Scottsdale's Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction draws thousands of visitors from around the country. The upcoming Super Bowl and Phoenix Open will keep businesses, hotels and restaurants busy as the tourist season heats up.

Many of your neighbors will have visitors, and there may be lots of new faces around the community when there are so many exciting events. These kinds of events also can attract the criminal element. It's important to protect yourself and your belongings.

Small steps can make a difference in preventing or stopping crime in your community.

Be aware of your surroundings

  • Many of us park in structures or in assigned parking around our communities. Some communities have cameras monitoring the area, but we can't rely on videos to protect us from crime.
  • Lock your car at all times. When you get in the car, lock the door.
  • Double check the lock as you walk away. Set your car alarm if you have one.
  • Get off the phone on your way to and from the car. Don't be distracted. Be aware of people around you.
  • Add a LED light for your key chain or use the flashlight app on your phone. Don't walk in the dark alone if you can avoid it. Your community may have a guard who will escort you to your door. Ask you apartment community manager.
  • When you get home, lock your door behind you.

Lock up your valuables

Smashing a car window only takes a minute, but many of us leave small goods in the front seat or in a visible place.

  • Take valuables out of your car when you leave.
  • Don't leave your iPod plugged in the dock in the car or leave your gym bag on the front seat.
  • Put valuables in the trunk or take them inside.
  • Contact your security office or the manager of your apartment if you see anything suspicious.

Working together, we can prevent criminals from getting the best of our tourist season.