Stress Free Moving

by Tom Simplot

Sep 25, 2016

Packing and moving remains one of the top five most stressful things you can do. When you are preparing to move out of your apartment home, early planning can save time and money.


Larger apartment communities, particularly those with multiple stories, often have detailed documents on preparing for and executing your move to ensure your safety and protect the homes and rights of your neighbors. While it’s easier to move on weekends, you may need to plan far in advance to secure time slots in a larger community.


Check in with the management company as soon as you know you are preparing to move. They can share their wisdom and rules on how to best prepare for your move and even offer recommended services that will assist you.


Using a professional moving company, particularly when you have valuable goods, can be a wise investment. They are bonded and insured and will typically cover losses due to their error during the move. They can also protect your valuables by assisting you with professional packing.


A professional cleaning company can also save time, headaches, and dollars at the end of your lease. Having a professional company come in and remove all of your remaining goods, cleaning out appliances and cabinets can help you keep more of your security/cleaning deposits and could prevent any fines.


If your manager or owner requires a walk through at the end of your lease, be sure to schedule far in advance to plan the right time for you. Your keys and access passes can be turned in at this time. At this time, the manager may walk through to assess any damages to the apartment and it’s always best to be present for this walk through if possible.


Small investments in time and professional services will make your home move smooth.