Short-term Rentals

by Tom Simplot

Oct 16, 2016

If you are like me, and check in on the Next Door app, or follow your own neighborhood’s news stream, you know that this is the season when more and more people start to look for short term rentals. While most people in the rental market prefer leases of 6-months to one year at least, the short term market heats up as the temperatures cool down.


Short term rentals offer lots of extras and these almost always come at a higher cost. People looking for an apartment or a home for just a few months or in the tourist season can expect to pay additional fees, depending on where and when they lease their home or apartment.


These rentals typically include all utilities so there’s no need to sign up or change services. They may also include outdoor services like landscaping and pool maintenance.


If there are shared amenities like community pools, gyms, barbecues and/or business centers, renters must abide by all rules of the community. Savvy owners or managers will review these rules and ensure that their renters understand the rules and that they are responsible for abiding by them. Most leases will hold renters responsible for all fees and fines incurred.


When your short term rental comes furnished, you can expect to have major furniture including technology in place. Most furnished rentals include appliances, beds, tables, couches, but if you need additional furnishings or need a high speed router or other technology, you may have to inquire before renting.


Renters looking for a short term lease need to be more careful about the terms of the lease and any additional costs or restrictions included there. Oftentimes owners and managers include more provisions about eviction and fines that can be levied. For your own protection, be sure to read your lease carefully and ask questions.


If you’re planning to rent in a managed community, I encourage you to ask your owner or manager questions about how the community operates.