Securing your Bike

by Tom Simplot

Mar 19, 2017

Many commuters strap on helmets and ride to work to get in a workout, enjoy the weather, and help to alleviate traffic and pollution. Whether you ride a serious road bike or just hop on a beach cruiser on the weekends, it’s important to protect yourself and your bike.


Unfortunately, bike theft is all too common. Phoenix police have a registration program but prevention is the best course. University campuses offer bike cages and many bike racks in public areas to help prevent theft as well.


Steps you can take in your apartment community — or in any home — to help keep your bike safe:

1.       Take a photo of your bike’s serial number on your mobile phone.

2.       Register your bike with your city’s bike registration program if they have one. There also are national bike registrations to help you recover a lost bike. Get more information from your local police department. You may also visit the website NextDoor.

3.       Secure your bike with a strong lock and lock both the wheel and the frame to something heavy.

4.       Add special decals or contact info to your bike so it can be identified as yours. Take photos of your bike and these markers.

5.       Bring your bicycle inside to keep it safe. If you have space, the safest place is inside your home.

6.       Lock the bike in your garage. Many apartment homes have locked garages.

7.       Invest in a GPS tracker or something like a “Tile” to track your bike if it’s stolen.


Review the rules of the road, too. If you’re planning to ride at night or during busy commute times, the local police stations offer important advice to protect yourself and those who are sharing the road.