by Tom Simplot

Apr 17, 2016

Calling Uber or Lyft has made our lives easier and safer. Delivery services bring groceries and dry cleaning right to your door. When you live in an apartment or a gated community, there are additional steps to take to ensure your driver can easily find you. Apps on your phone or laptop make it easy to track your driver’s arrival, but help them locate you so they can get you to your destination on time.


If you have a gate or security code, let the driver know. If there’s a guest gate code or a security point, review your lease to verify you are permitted to send the info via text, or call security so they know to let the car into the community.


Stay near your phone. Your driver may only have the physical address of your community. They may need to call you for specific directions to your home.


Be ready for your driver or delivery person. They make their living based on time. If you are delayed, let them know.


Leave the lights on outside. Lights may help your driver find your home.


Choose an easy rendezvous point in your community. Maybe it’s easier to meet near the front reception area.


The proliferation of the sharing economy allows more people to provide necessary services. We can do our part to help these providers make our lives easier.