Renovated Apartments

by Tom Simplot

Jul 17, 2016

The place looks brand new, and it’s in the right neighborhood for your lifestyle. You’ve probably passed this place a million times, and now it’s undergone a major renovation and it’s ready for residents.


Thousands of apartments across Arizona have been renovated to meet the growing demand for rental homes, especially those in downtown and business areas.


Renters looking for something new, and in an infill location are discovering that major development companies have poured millions of dollars into creating new communities from aging apartments. Some builders advanced the communities with major floorplan renovations, updated outdoor spaces and modernizing the kitchens and bath areas.


When you are visiting these communities, it’s worth taking a closer look at the renovations to be sure they meet your needs. Do you need a washer and dryer in your home; and if this was updated, are they the right size? Is the upgraded bathroom what you are looking for in a home? Many developers will update the kitchens too. Check out the appliances and ensure that they have added what you will need.


Shared spaces and outdoor amenities are often upgraded in these renovation projects. When considering where you will live and what you want to pay for, think about how much you plan to use these amenities with your friends or family. Many times these additions like a gym or a pool can save you fees that you planned for other memberships.


A booming apartment market in Arizona is creating unique communities in some of the most desirable neighborhoods around. It’s worth checking out these updated places.