Register to Vote

by Tom Simplot

Jul 10, 2016

When you move, you spend hours transferring important bills and information to your new address. One item that can get overlooked is your voter registration.


Younger people and renters tend to vote in lower numbers. I urge all eligible voters to get involved in the electoral process. As a former councilman in Phoenix, I can tell your local and state elections impact you most directly. Officials make decisions that affect you every day.


Register and vote early

Midnight, August 1 is the deadline for registering to vote in the August 30 primary election. Update your voter registration if you have moved or want to change your party affiliation.


It’s easy to register to vote online at, if you have an Arizona driver license or ID card. Click “Begin/Update your Voter Registration.” The site will help you verify your eligibility and update your information. You can request an early ballot.


Independent voters

Last March, Arizona elections made national and international news during the presidential preference election. While there were a variety of issues that combined to make lines long, one of the biggest issues was a misunderstanding by voters over whether independents could participate.


Independent voters who go to the polls on Election Day will be given an option to choose a party ballot according to the Secretary of State’s office.


City elections

Most city elections are nonpartisan and all voters can participate, regardless of party affiliation. There are many around the state in August.


Local and state elections impact us all. It’s so important to participate and make your voice heard.