Plumbing Issues

by Tom Simplot

May 1, 2016

We’ve all had that moment of dread when the kitchen sink isn’t draining or the tub is clogged. For me, that moment came when my significant other dropped a cheese knife down the garbage disposal.


Plumbing issues in one apartment unit can affect other homes, particularly in multi-story buildings. A backup in the kitchen sink or in the tub may cause backups or even flooding. The professional maintenance team should be called as soon as you see an issue.


A couple ounces of plumbing problem prevention can go a long way in avoiding major issues.


Clean your drains regularly. The tub, shower, and sink drains need to be cleared of any hair or buildup regularly. There are simple tools and cleaning products that make this job easy.


Keep a plunger handy. Everyone should own a simple toilet plunger and keep it handy in case of an overflow problem. In older buildings, you may have to be especially careful.


Clear the garbage disposal regularly. Disposals can clog quickly, particularly when you put down too much food or something gets caught in the blades. If these aren’t cleaned with ice, baking soda or cleaning products regularly, terrible rotting smells can result.


Watch your water bill. A small leak or running toilet can cause your water bill to jump. If you see a large increase in your bill, it’s worth looking at water lines and checking for leaks. You may need to notify your manager or maintenance office for help.