Package Delivery

by Tom Simplot

Nov 27, 2016

Years ago, I remember my grandmother getting up early to shop the Black Friday sales. She would head downtown, bundled-up to wait for special sales on gifts large and small. The frenzy today continues with “door-buster” items and some stores opening early for shoppers to get a jump start on their holiday buying.


Apartment communities are now modifying their office and mail storage areas to accommodate the shift toward online shopping. It’s creating space and staffing challenges for many communities, and often, residents don’t receive their packages until they have time to head to the office for pick up.


Shipping options:


Electronic lockers: Some apartment management companies offer Amazon Lockers or other electronic parcel lockers for resident to use. These lockers send the buyer a text message that their package is ready for pick and the lockers can be opened any time, day or night. More electronic lockers will likely open at convenient locations like pharmacies and stores.


Ship to the office: Shipping to your workplace may be safer for you, if your company allows that. This may allow you to get the packages faster and be able to keep track of them more easily.


Notify your apartment office: If you are planning to make a lot of purchases and ship them to your apartment, you can let the office know to expect a larger number of packages. They may need to make space and may ask for you to pick up the shipments during a certain timeframe to ensure they have the capacity for all of your neighbors’ packages too.


Add shipping directions: Some companies allow you to add shipping instructions when you order. If your community prefers for you to add information about a concierge desk or drop off point, add this info into your order to make deliveries easier.


Shopping online can save us time and money. Living in an apartment community offers an additional safe keeping for your packages that you ship there so be sure to be respectful and grateful for added work the team does to receive your deliveries.