Enjoying the Outdoors

by Tom Simplot

Oct 2, 2016

The beginning of fall, and the break in the heat, inevitably means it is time to head back outdoors. The covers can come off the outdoor furniture so we can enjoy morning coffee or evening dinners on the patio. Patios and balconies in apartment communities are popular amenities and they should be used often, while still respecting your neighbors and the community.


Having a dinner get-together outdoors? Be sure to collect all of the dirty dishes and food from the table and return them inside. If you have music playing outside, maintain a volume that allows your neighbors to enjoy their homes as well.


Before investing in an outdoor furniture set for your patio, review your lease. Some communities have restrictions outlined in your lease that recommend certain types of furniture, and most require you have seating intended for outside. Many communities prohibit umbrellas on patios because of safety issues.


For those of us who love plants and flowers, many communities allow you to grow and display these on the deck. There are likely rules about the health of those plants and how far they can extend beyond your patio. If you have been planning on a bird feeder, check to see if these are allowed.


Your management company wants to keep the community looking great and safe for all residents.