Now that monsoon is here, prepare for power outages

by Tom Simplot

Jul 5, 2015

The first official monsoon storm hit last week and thousands of homes were without power around metro Phoenix and in northern Arizona.

Many of us think we need to complain to the management company or the owner of our rental home, but those folks don’t have any “power” over the outages. But there are a lot of easy things to do to make outages easier.

Charge your phones and iPad. In a power outage, your phone will be your lifeline to the power company, your management company and to information about when your power company expects to have electricity restored. Your phone will have a signal when your power is out.

Unplug unnecessary appliances. In an electrical storm, you can avoid power surges that will harm your computer or toaster if you unplug these appliances and electronics. When the power comes back on, your appliances may be in danger of a power surge that could harm your electronics.

Add your manager’s phone number and the power company’s phone number to your phone. Having your account number handy will help, too.

Keep your refrigerator closed. Avoid opening and closing the fridge doors, which will let the cool air out. Your fridge will hold your food safely for hours if you keep the doors closed.

Keep flashlights and candles handy. Put a flashlight in your bedroom and one in the living room or kitchen. Candles also can be a great source of light, but be sure to extinguish them before you go to sleep.