Keep your pool safe

by Tom Simplot

May 14, 2017

Community pools ranks as one of the most popular amenities in most every Arizona apartment community. Residents should stay aware when they are around the pool to ensure their own personal safety.


There should be no glass bottles anywhere near the pool area. Only plastic bottles should be used near the pool. It’s very difficult to clean glass shards in these areas.


Residents should also not bring food, gum, tobacco or candy into the pool area. Again, this is a public health issue. You don’t want to spill food or drink in a community pool. It can be tempting to bring a drink or food into a jacuzzi or into the pool, but you should consume these in the appropriate areas.


For children still in diapers, it’s important to always use tight-fitting swim diapers and a rubber/plastic pants if needed. Diapers can leak into the water of a community pool and if this happens, you must inform your community manager immediately if any accident with bodily fluids like this occurs.


The staff on-site knows how the pool must be treated for the safety of the other residents. Do not ever try to clean this up on your own. The operations team will clean this properly and treat the water for the health and safety of all residents. They will likely have to close the pool while the chemicals take effect to sanitize the water.


Accidents happen near and around pools all the time and we can do our best to help address them quickly and safely to protect our neighbors. Showering and using the restroom before entering the pool will also help keep the pool clean. Don’t use the pool if you are suffering from a cold or other illness where you are experiencing discharge. Read through the pool signage near your pool to remind yourself of the practical rules for staying safe.