Know the Holiday Fireworks Rules

by Tom Simplot

Dec 27, 2015

Fireworks are controversial in Arizona. Whether you feel they are a threat to our fragile desert or a treasured holiday tradition, they are here to stay. We are in the legal sales season again to buy certain kinds of fireworks.


Every city and rental community has its own rules regarding fireworks.


Novelty fireworks. These fireworks, including small, hand-held sparklers, are typically legal to use in certain areas. Party poppers and drop caps can be fun for the holidays and New Year’s celebrations. These fireworks are only allowed to be sold during certain times of the year, and they may only be lit from Christmas Eve through Jan. 3.


Sparklers. These can add a touch of drama to holiday parties, but they must also be used safely, especially indoors. Children should not play with or hold sparklers, which can burn them. The sparks can also burn your tables and floors.


Lit fireworks. Fireworks that go on the ground, like spinners and cone fountains that shoot off sparks, are permitted on private property. If you are planning on lighting these fireworks in your apartment community, check the apartment rules. Many communities forbid the use of fireworks that create those sparks, as they can touch off larger fires.


Rockets and aerial fireworks. These are illegal in most every city now, so steer clear of them, even if you see them for sale.