Holiday Decor

by Tom Simplot

Nov 6, 2016

It’s always fun to meet all of the kids in our community on Halloween. When I lived in a high-rise, residents enjoyed decorating their entries with pumpkins and spooky decor.


We’ve all walked or driven by that home or apartment where the resident has decided to see how long it will take for the pumpkin to disintegrate, or they have simply forgotten about the vegetable and it makes a mess at their front door. It’s unsanitary as it attracts bugs and critters that will eventually come to feast.


The holidays in the coming weeks mean many of us will start to transform our homes with door wreaths, lights, blowups and more. For renters, there may be additional considerations related to where and for how long one can hang decorations. Many communities keep strict guidelines about the lights and decorations permitted on outdoor spaces like balconies. Lights that blink on and off all night may disturb your neighbors. Blowups or motion sensor holiday decorations may need to be set on timers to limit the hours they entertain your neighbors. Most of the rules in a community tend to be practical and are meant to be “good neighbor” policies.


Hanging holiday lights inside, particularly near curtains, should be carefully monitored to be sure they aren’t touching fabric or anything that could become a fire hazard.