Holiday Bills

by Tom Simplot

Dec 11, 2016

The holiday season tends to get busy with year-end projects, family visits, shopping and planning for the new year. Between preparing for the holidays and juggling work and home responsibilities, some of the everyday tasks can get left behind.


According to national reports, nearly 70 percent of U.S. renters pay their rent by check. This occurs for a variety of reasons and in the future, there will be a continued push to online payments. However, today, many residents still prefer to pay with a check. If you are one of those who pay your rent in person, be sure to get your check in before the due date if you are planning to travel or plan to be busy that week.


Before you get too deep into the holiday season, it’s smart to take an hour or so and put as many monthly payments on an auto pay system or set them up for electronic transfer. Many larger apartment communities have apps and easy portals to allow you to pay rent online. Some communities even host special events to show their residents how to get online and set up these automatic payments.


For those who are planning to travel over the holidays or take time off, it’s even more important to get ahead of these bills that could be forgotten during a vacation. You can schedule electricity, credit card and other payments to ensure that you are stay up to date.


Many people travel during the holiday season and this year it’s a short holiday week. You can let your community manager or owner know that you will be away so they can help with holding mail and packages too. It’s another way you can protect your home while travelling. The excitement of the holiday season seems to come faster every year and it can help you relax if you know that you have arranged for the monthly tasks in advance and you can focus on the fun.