Fireworks Safety

by Tom Simplot

Jun 19, 2016

Parking lot tents with fireworks for sale have begun to rise around the state of Arizona during these first few summer weeks. In our state, certain fireworks can be sold to the public May 20-July 6 and can be used from June 24- July 6.


Every city regulates fireworks in a different way so it’s worth checking what’s allowed in your city. Most apartment communities have rules about lighting fireworks on property, even in parking lots. The fines from cities range but they have been hundreds of dollars to $1,000 in Phoenix.


Novelty items like sparklers, smoke devices and poppers aren’t regulated in the same way and can be used more widely. However, these still require that you use proper fire safety rules. Sparks can cause damage and burn skin.


Aerial fireworks like firecrackers, bottle rockets and roman candles are expressly prohibited and illegal in Arizona.


Ground based sparklers, spinning wheel devices and other consumer fireworks that are legal in this short season may appear to be harmless. However, they emit sparks and could easily start a fire. It’s important to keep water close by and watch where you light fireworks, especially as we enter peak fire season in our state.


It’s important to pick up and safely discard used fireworks, making sure they are completely extinguished.


Fireworks in the summer can be an especially fun activity at night for celebrations, but it’s important to know the rules around what’s allowed in your apartment community and how to use them safely.