Help Prevent Fires

by Tom Simplot

Mar 26, 2017

Preventing a fire in your home can be as easy as integrating a couple of cleaning tips into your spring cleaning routine.


Clean out the lint trap in your dryer. Collected lint can spark a fire and the lint trap, and the hose, need to be cleared regularly. If your community includes a shared laundry space, the machines should be serviced regularly and cleared of lint in the trap and in the hose. If they are not, tell the manager.


Check the batteries in your smoke alarms. Test your alarm and make sure it’s working and that it’s loud enough to alert you to any dangers. These batteries are the equivalent of changing a light bulb: they are your responsibility.


Do a quick kitchen audit. Keeping your stove clear of paper products or towels could prevent a fire. Every kitchen should have a working fire extinguisher too.


Review your safety plan with the family. Every apartment community will have a safety exit plan and it’s smart to review how to escape at least once a year, especially if you have children.


Unplug your appliances when they are not being used. From the hairdryer or curling iron to the toaster, you can unplug machines when they aren’t in use. Older appliances may have frayed cords that need to be replaced or repaired.


Buy surge protectors. A surge protector can keep a fuse from blowing, and help to manage how many appliances are plugged into one outlet. Overloading outlets could lead to an electrical fire.


Clean the barbecue before you turn it on. Baked on bits on the grill could lead to a fire if not properly cleaned. You need to scrape the grates and take the time to clear debris out of the bottom of the grill too. If you are allowed to have a propane grill or charcoal grill, be especially careful with its operation and storage.