Find the right dog for your apartment

by Tom Simplot

Mar 28, 2014

Dogs can be an integral part of our lives, and when we are choosing a home, they are part of that decision.

Most apartment communities manage the number and size of the animals they allow. Before signing a lease, make sure your furry family member can happily move in, too.

Some breeds thrive in apartments because they are quieter and don't need a lot of outdoor activity. Some breeds need outdoor activity but are perfectly happy inside all day.

Either way, apartment dogs need morning and evening walks, and it's important to be sure they stay relatively quiet during the day to avoid bothering neighbors. Check out the community's facilities for dogs and see if there is a public dog park nearby.

Here's a list of breeds that tend to be great apartment dogs: bichon frise, French or English bulldog, Chihuahua, dachshund, Great Dane and terriers.

Many apartment companies restrict dogs by size or weight and prefer smaller dogs.When you are signing a lease, be honest about the size of your dog; management would have grounds for action against you if it's oversized.

Check into all the pet regulations for apartment communities you are interested in. Sometimes home rentals have more flexibility.

Some apartments may ban breeds such as pit bulls.

Renters insurance is even more important if you have a dog. Some insurance companies may not insure or charge more for pit bulls, Doberman pinschers, rottweilers and German shepherds.

Don't try to hide the type or size of your dog from your insurance company. If there's an accident involving your dog, and your dog is at fault, your insurance may not cover you, even if you have insurance.

A dog can be a great companion in an apartment. Just be sure to do your homework.