Earth Day 2017

by Tom Simplot

Apr 16, 2017

Sometimes we just need a little push to make the small changes for the better. Earth Day is one of those pushes. Every year, we look for new ways to make our environment a bit cleaner and live a little lighter.


Spend a morning swapping out light bulbs for LED lights. They burn brighter, longer for a fraction of the energy of old bulbs. The prices have come down and the bulbs will last for years.


Open your windows at night and turn off the air conditioning. This will save you some money and keep you cool.


Recycle your electronics and batteries to the right locations. If you gather up your old electronics (VCRs, cell phones, etc.) and share them with the Boy Scouts who do e-recycling or deliver them to your city’s e-recycling locations, you can keep toxic chemicals out of the dumpster and landfills. Go to your city’s webpage for locations.


Shred your old documents with a local charity. Many nonprofits offer free shredding services this month. Take your old financial documents and shred them so you are protected from identity theft.


Clean out your closets and share the wealth with local charities. Your usable donations can be a boon to a charity that will resell or recycle them, and you’ll get a tax deduction along with it. Upcycling goods keeps usable goods out of landfills and benefits families in need. Take your old mattresses to Goodwill, as they are one of the few places who will shred them and recycle all the parts.


Bring a recycling bin into your apartment home. If you are in a community where recycling isn’t available, you can keep a bin in your home and gather newspaper, cans and more and bring it to a recycling center or drop off.


Small changes can yield big results when we are all doing our part.