Earth Day

by Tom Simplot

Apr 24, 2016

Earth Day — and now Earth Month — remind us of the responsibility we share to make our world better by conserving energy, recycling, and reducing our impact on the planet where possible. It’s easier than ever to make small changes that add up and many will have the added benefit of making life easier.


Sign up for e-billing. Most every company you do business with offers online billing and account management. It’s an easy, green strategy that will help you manage paper clutter in your home and office.


Get rid of old bills and tax paperwork. Since tax day is behind us, and bills and important tax documents are handy, this is a great time to get rid of unnecessary documents. Pay stubs and bills only need to be saved for a year or two.


Support a local charity at their shred-a-thons. Lots of nonprofits and other organizations are hosting shred-a-thons for your old, sensitive documents. Take a box of bills and old records and support your favorite cause by letting them shred your paperwork.


Swap out bulbs in your home. Making the switch to LED or CFL bulbs. Take inventory of the lightbulbs you have in your living spaces and bedroom and make a quick trip to your local hardware store. You’ll find new energy efficient bulbs will last years longer and save energy too.


Teach your kids about recycling and energy savings. Earth Day isn’t just for adults. When you are swapping light bulbs or gathering recycling, talk with your kids about how they can conserve energy every day at home.