Creeping Pests

by Tom Simplot

Jul 3, 2016

The June temperature spike brought more afternoons at the pool and days inside. Summer heat can bring summer pests like mosquitos and cockroaches. Arizona is home to a number of insects that bite or sting and we don’t want them inside our homes.


Most apartment communities treat for pests of all kinds regularly. Before treating your home with household pest sprays, check with your community manager to see how they are planning to address bug issues. Using store-bought sprays can conflict with the commercial pest control used around your community.


It’s best to let your community manager know when you are experiencing a pest issue in your home so they can help you treat the situation.


Be proactive in your approach to pests. Keep your home and outdoor areas clean and free of water or damp items that may draw pests. To prevent mosquitos near your home, avoid standing water in planters and pet bowls. Following rain, turn over containers outside your home and let them dry. Water sources can allow mosquitos to breed quickly.


Scorpions may find their way inside our homes. They feed on other insects and are looking for cool, damp places. Too often, we try to treat pests on our own. Unfortunately, scorpions may not die from traditional, store-bought sprays. This is a pest your apartment manager can help you address.


Roaches seem more prevalent in summer, particularly following rain. It’s tough to keep pests out because they are able to squeeze through very small spaces. However, bugs can be treated by an exterminator.


No one likes to see summer pests but we can be smarter about how we eliminate bugs. With your manager, and with a bit of prevention, you can keep your home free of unwelcome guests.