You have a right to comfortable temps in your home

by Tom Simplot

Aug 16, 2015

Renters who experience significant issues with air conditioning have ways to report the matter to get the situation resolved.

The city of Phoenix fielded more than 300 residents’ complaints last year about apartments and mobile home units that didn’t provide adequate air-conditioning. Living in a home that isn’t properly cooled in the summer months can be dangerous.

Last year, Phoenix’s Neighborhood Services Division, the Phoenix Association of Realtors and the Arizona Multihousing Association came out with recommended heating and cooling temperature requirements for habitable spaces.

The Law Department in the city of Phoenix ( researched other city ordinances and recommended these temperature requirements for habitable spaces:

  •         70 degrees Fahrenheit for heating.
  •        86 degrees F for evaporative cooling.
  •        82 degrees F for air conditioning.

If you are in a home that doesn’t have working air-conditioning, and the situation is beyond storm damage or a power outage, it’s important you properly notify your manager or owner in writing. In addition, in Phoenix, you can file a complaint with the Neighborhood Services Division, and someone will help.

If your management or owner isn’t responding to your requests to repair or restore air-conditioning, document the situation as you move forward with a complaint. It’s also important to continue to pay your rent on time and not put your lease in jeopardy.