Christmas Tree Tips

by Tom Simplot

Dec 13, 2015

We’ve all had a Christmas tree where the needles were               falling due to dryness. Or we overloaded a plug with too many light strands or used old, fraying lights.


Local news stations and firefighters campaign this time of year to remind us to stay safe around the holiday tree. Hundreds of fires caused annually by live Christmas trees are easily prevented.


Assuming your lease does not prohibit a cut tree, here are ways renters can keep their home and loved ones safe.


Measure first, buy second. Check to see how high your ceilings are and how tall your freight elevator is before you buy.


Invest in a healthy tree. Run your hand down the needles to be sure they are fresh. The needles shouldn’t be coming off the branches. Ask the tree lot operator to cut another two inches off the base.


Water it daily. Stand the tree in a solid, balanced base with water. A healthy tree will absorb about one quart of water daily.


Invest in LED lights. LED lights that use less electricity and aren’t as hot and last longer. With traditional lights, never plug in more than three strands together. You can also use a power surge protector and a timer to turn off lights safely.


Check the smoke alarm. The holidays are a good time to test this.


Dispose of your tree in a timely fashion. Check with your apartment manager to find out when and where there will be a tree disposal event. Many cities do these and your community may have its own.