New Pet for Christmas

by Tom Simplot

Dec 4, 2016

There’s nothing quite like the joy of a new pet, particularly when your family adds a new family member at the holidays. A new dog or cat may be the gift highest on your family’s list but it’s important to plan ahead when you are considering an adoption like this, especially when you live in an apartment.


Your lease has very clear terms about pets in apartments and rental homes. Before you bring home a new pet, consult your lease and be sure you have arranged for any additional pet deposit fees. It may be a good idea to let your neighbors know that you are planning to bring home a new pet.


When choosing a pet, spend some time researching the best breed for your lifestyle. Every animal has a different personality, and there are breeds that typically do better in apartments than others. It’s smart to consider how often your animal will be alone at home and find a breed that will suit your routine. When you are planning your pet adoption, check out where you can exercise your dog and take them out for bathroom breaks.


Housetraining a dog in an apartment often requires more planning because younger dogs may have to go outside a few times in the night at first. Owners should be prepared for accidents. If you are adopting a cat or smaller dog, your patio may be a great place for house training but you need to be sure that this area is totally secure for their safety. You can purchase security screens for their protection. You’ll also want to petproof your home to protect your belongings from damage and to protect your pet from chemicals or other harmful items.


Our local shelters around Arizona have thousands of animals in need of forever homes and I encourage you to reach out to them to see if you can find the right family member in this holiday season.