Apartment Management as a Career

by Tom Simplot

Oct 9, 2016

The number of apartments coming to the Valley and around Arizona continues to be a leading story in business and local news publications. New housing options, many of them unique, luxury communities in growing areas, are creating new career opportunities for people interested in residential property management.


Careers in this housing sector tend to be stable, with lots of room for growth. Many companies offer competitive salaries and benefit packages, along with bonuses. Some companies have been recognized as great places to work because of the commitment to a strong, fun culture within those organizations. Best of all, there’s continuing education available locally for ambitious employees who enjoy this sector. At every level within these communities, apartment operators and management companies need staff to work with residents, and manage and maintain those properties. This sector has a history of promoting from within and skills gained in residential property management are portable.


Careers in residential property management are growing so quickly some community colleges here have started educational programs for adults. The Arizona Multihousing Association also offers an array of training programs around fair housing, maintenance and leasing trainings for those looking to further their careers.


The National Apartment Association continues to make major investments in training programs for companies to use with their teams and create residential property management programs in universities and community colleges around the country with a focus on building a workforce for the future.


For those just starting out or on the lookout for new career opportunities, the apartment industry could provide the kind of future you desire.