by Tom Simplot

Mar 20, 2016

We are enjoying some of the highest temps of the year so far, and some of the best weather in years. Spring-training season has arrived, and many of us have a short spring break to enjoy. For those who aren’t getting away, an apartment community can be like a staycation if you plan it right. Many communities have resort-style pools, movie theaters and more.

Parents who allow their teens and tweens to be home alone during this break need to make sure their children understand and are complying with the community’s rules. Hanging out by the pool under a ramada with some music playing may be the perfect way to enjoy spring break. But it’s a good time to review and follow the rules. Most pools have guidelines for behavior around the pool, such as no running and no diving, and these rules are for the health and safety of residents and other guests.

 Most pools have gates that lock, and it’s critical that your children and their guests close and properly lock them. It can be tempting to prop open a gate to allow friends in and out, but this is a major safety risk. Every year, we see news coverage of tragic pool accidents where kids and adults drown, and pool fences can be an important part of protecting residents.

 If your children are planning to use the fitness center and they aren’t frequent visitors there, double check the rules about using equipment and etiquette in the gym. We all want a visit to the gym to be pleasant, and it’s important to teach younger visitors the proper way to use and clean equipment.

 Anytime you have guests in your apartment community, you are responsible for their behavior and safety. Spring break is a great time to take advantage of all of the community amenities. But honor the safety guidelines to ensure everyone’s enjoyment.