Safety and courtesy tips for adults enjoying the pool

by Tom Simplot

May 3, 2015

According to the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona, more than twice the number of teens and adults die in water-related incidents than children.

Adults tend to overestimate their swimming abilities and sometimes their stamina. Safety tips to prevent drownings:

  • Don’t swim alone. Most adults who drown were alone at the pool.
  • Don’t swim while impaired. Drugs, alcohol and medications can all compromise your ability to swim and make good decisions.
  • We’ve all seen photos of people enjoying a beer or cocktail in the hot tub. This can be especially dangerous. The heat of the water may speed up the effects of alcohol.
  • Don’t take any medications, prescription or over-the-counter, and then go swimming or to the hot tub.
  • Sitting by the pool and having a couple of drinks can dehydrate you. Heat, alcohol and swimming pools do not mix well. Stay hydrated and don’t swim while drinking.
  • Don’t play rough in the water or hold people under water. It takes only a minute for someone to choke or drown.
  • When you enjoy your community pool, be a good neighbor. Obey posted rules.
  • Don’t bring electric devices around the pool. Water and electricity don’t mix — this can be dangerous around the pool.
  • Respect pool hours. Neighbors who live close by may not enjoy your late-night foray into the hot tub or pool.

Many Arizona apartment communities have incredible pools and spas that are part of the attraction and lifestyle. It’s up to all of us to be good neighbors and keep facilities clean and safe. Keep an eye out for kids and adults around the water and enjoy the cool of the pool.