Reduce Your Tax Bill

by Tom Simplot

Feb 21, 2016

During tax time, it can seem like there are many more tax benefits for homeowners. That’s true to an extent, and there are usually more expenses as well. Renters often miss out on deductions and some great Arizona tax credits. But there are lots of ways to reduce your taxes if you are renter.

 When preparing your taxes, if you’re planning to take some of these deductions, it can be valuable to consult a tax adviser.

 Health insurance. For those who are self-employed, a percentage of health-insurance premiums are tax deductible. And for renters who have employer-paid health insurance, premiums may be tax deductible. Your tax adviser can help you calculate this. 

 Donations to schools. Arizona taxpayers are able to make direct donations to public, charter and private schools for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. If you made this donation before Dec. 31, you should have received a confirmation letter. The law recently changed to allow taxpayers to contribute to schools up until April 15.

 Arizona Tax Credits. If you made working-poor tax credit donations or contributed to the other credit programs that Arizona offers, be sure to include these in your tax preparation. These are dollar-for-dollar tax credits and will help to reduce your tax bill from the state.

 Childcare deductions. Childcare and preschool expenses can be offset by a tax credit for parents who are eligible. There are limitations on the age of the child, but it’s worth looking into for parents.

 It’s important to consult your tax adviser.