Raising A Reader

by Tom Simplot

Jun 5, 2016

School’s out for the summer and kids finally have time to just hang out with friends and watch TV, right? That may sound perfect to kids, but studies show children can lose as much as two months of grade equivalency over summer break. For young students in particular, it’s important parents and caregivers keep children engaged in learning.


Reading time can be one of the most important rituals parents can employ to ensure young children become lifelong readers. As their first teachers, parents are critical to a child’s literacy.


Many parents don’t feel comfortable reading to their children. The good news is there are simple techniques, easily learned, that can enhance the experience for both parent and child. The national Raising a Reader curriculum teaches parents how to “book cuddle” with their young children, and to essentially teach them the basics of reading.


Many apartment communities throughout Arizona have adopted this program, and property site staff members have been trained in Raising a Reader (RAR).


Communities hold reading sessions with residents and their children using tools and books from the RAR program to connect with their kids and begin reading.


If you don’t have Raising a Reader in your apartment community, head to your local city or county library. These community destinations have incredible kids’ reading programs for summer where parents can help track reading efforts and kids can win great prizes.


These free programs will keep your children engaged, motivated and ready to start school in August.