How to determine if it’s time for you to quit smoking

by Tom Simplot

Nov 8, 2015

Apartment communities are quitting smoking all across the state, and maybe it’s time for you to consider being a quitter, too.


Every year, the American Cancer Society teams up with local health agencies for the national Great American Smokeout, a day encouraging smokers to quit smoking for at least 24 hours.


The Arizona Department of Health Services offers free resources through their ASHLine, a coaching service, and access to nicotine replacement therapies. Smokers can simply call 1-800-556- 6222 for help.


For smokers living in apartment communities, particularly those that have adopted smoke-free policies, the habit can make hanging out at home a hassle.


More apartment communities are offering residents a healthier lifestyle that’s smoke-free, protecting their residents from second-hand smoke and keeping the common areas cleaner. In partnership with Maricopa County and Arizona Department of Health Services, the Arizona Multihousing Association has been working with apartment community managers to transition more homes to smoke-free living. offers a wide array of free resources to help smokers quit, including web-based support, free coaching, free and reduced-cost therapies, and more. There’s even an app for iPhone users.


Like any behavioral change, it can be easier to set a goal date. The Great American Smokeout on Thursday, Nov. 19 can be that date for you.