Patio Safety

by Tom Simplot

May 29, 2016

This May has been especially mild and I find myself enjoying the outdoor patio more often at the end of the day. In an apartment community, this can be especially nice if your unit has a view of the pool or another city vista. Later in summer, we can look forward to enjoying thunderous monsoon storms and the light shows they provide. From the relative safety of a covered patio, it’s the best ticket in town.


Patios offer residents a great amenity for relaxation or a different workspace on a nice afternoon. Appropriate furnishings are likely allowed (and regulated) by your apartment community. Before you invest in a new outdoor couch or drapes for your patio, check your lease for any rules around what’s allowed outside.


If you’ve lived in Arizona long enough, you’ve probably seen patio furniture and umbrellas at the bottom of a pool following a big Arizona storm.


Our wind and rainstorms create a unique challenge for apartment residents who have these patios. An umbrella can quickly be picked up by a strong gust of wind and taken away, causing damage or injury. Furniture can be overturned and items lost or damaged. Before a major storm, or during strong wind storms we have been experiencing lately, a smart renter will bring furnishings inside or pull them closer to the house. Umbrellas should always be closed when you are wrapping up the night.


It’s also wise to protect belongings by bringing valuables inside. If you have cushions or centerpieces that you want to protect, it’s best not to leave them outside.


Outdoor living rooms can be the best part of our homes in summer and fall, and it’s easy to keep the areas safe for your family and your neighbors.