Noisy Neighbors

by Tom Simplot

Feb 7, 2016

Even though the Arizona Cardinals aren’t playing this year, many of us are looking forward to gathering in a friend’s home to watch the Super Bowl. We’ve all been to one of those parties where it got a bit too loud, and perhaps a neighbor came over to request that you keep the noise to a more respectable level. These visits can create tension, but they certainly don’t have to if handled properly.

 Don’t be argumentative or defensive: When a neighbor or the apartment manager knocks on the door to ask you to hold down the noise, don’t argue. If a neighbor has worked up the courage to knock, it’s really interfering with their afternoon. If you can keep the conversation civil, this discussion may be quick and relatively painless.

 Hopefully your neighbor won’t begin the conversation in a disrespectful way, but if they do, take the high road and stay calm. You can always turn down the TV or watch the game in the community center. Getting angry or arguing won’t help, and it will make your guests more uncomfortable.

 Don’t wait until you’re angry. When a neighbor has a dog that barks constantly or children who run the hallways and make noise, don’t approach them when you’re fed up. It’s better to address the situation early. You can let them know how the barking interrupts your sleep, etc.

 Get your apartment manager involved if needed. If you know that talking with your neighbor will create too much tension or you’re apprehensive about it, ask the community manager to help you. You have a right to enjoy your home.