Tips for recent graduates to ease strain of moving out

by Tom Simplot

May 8, 2016

Graduation — it’s finally here. The day that you (and your parents) have been dreaming about for the past four years. Thousands of students across Arizona will be moving out of their rentals in the coming weeks and there are things you can do to make it easier and save some money.


Dividing up furniture and household goods. Many college students go in on couches and dining sets together. Before moving day, meet with your roommates and figure out who is taking what items in your home to avoid any miscommunications.


Donate stuff that’s in good shape. Don’t donate your mismatched or broken dishware sets or a toaster oven that barely heats up. If you have a lot of stuff to donate, call your favorite charity and schedule a pick up.


Don’t leave furniture or large goods at the street or next to the trash for a future bulk pickup. Be respectful of other residents in your community and don’t leave a mess of trash or large items.


Respect the move-out rules of your college dorm or building. Many multifamily buildings respectfully request that you move during certain hours to avoid disrupting other residents. Check with building management.


Leave your place clean if you want to get back some of your security deposit. This isn’t a time to leave trash or old food in the fridge. Take time to clean your place so it’s in good shape when you turn in your keys.


Keep track of anything that’s broken or needs to be replaced and let your management company know.