Keeping your home safe should be on your travel checklist

by Tom Simplot

Jun 21, 2015

Packing for a summer trip often begins weeks before you leave. In your excitement about the trip, you may have started a “Countdown until Spain” online, sharing with friends your plans for the summer. We spend lots of time getting clothing, travel plans, car rentals and tickets in order, but often forget about the home we are leaving behind. Police and insurance companies have tips to keep your home safe while you travel. Additional tips will keep your apartment home safe, too.

Safety first

  1. Give your manager or landlord notice of your plans. Some communities let the maintenance team know so they can be on the lookout. If you have a house-sitter, let your manager know there’s a new face in your apartment while you’re gone.
  2. Ask the postal service to hold your mail. A sure sign of a vacant apartment is an overflowing mailbox or newspapers outside your door.
  3. Buy a light switch/dimmer. Automatic lights that turn on and off for a couple of hours a day/night can ward off thieves. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Close curtains and lock windows.
  4. Grab your spare hidden key. Don’t leave the hidden key in the rock out front or on top of the door frame. Put it away while on vacation.
  5. Don’t share plans online. Criminals track social-media updates on travel and then break into homes during vacations. Share highlights of your trip after you return.