Holiday Cleanup

by Tom Simplot

Jan 1, 2017

Wrapping paper, packing boxes, bubble wrap and the tree – the holidays create a ton of trash.


When you live in an apartment community with shared refuse areas, great neighbors take extra time to share the space and get trash out of their homes.


The new television you received for Christmas came in a huge box that takes a ton of space in the trash bin. The small shipping boxes that Amazon mailed have piled up as gifts arrived from family and friends.


Many of these boxes can be recycled. If your community offers a recycling bin, place cleaned boxes there once you have broken them down. Most cities offer recycling centers around town where you can drop materials to be reused. All boxes should be folded or cut down to maximize space in the bin.


Cities that collect refuse often follow a holiday schedule, with the observed holiday dates shifting collections slightly. Be sure to check online when your trash will be picked up.


Gathering plastic milk and soda bottles, wine bottles and cans at the end of a great night can create a large trash stash. When recycling in a residential bin, you can’t put recycling items into a bag first. These items must be loose to be sorted. The plastic bags can catch in the machines.


Don’t drop dirty boxes or food-stained items into the recycling bin. The greasy pizza box will attract pests and rodents in the recycling facilities and will have to be sorted out there.


If garbage bins in your community seem to overflow during the holidays, contact your apartment manager to find out how to best handle your refuse. No one wants garbage bags left out around the bins and it’s our shared responsibility to keep these areas clean.