Planning for holiday shipments to your apartment

by Tom Simplot

Nov 15, 2015

The countdown to Black Friday is on. All of this online shopping means we need to manage shipping all of these packages. Stolen packages are a sad reality of the holiday season, unfortunately.


For those in apartments, there can be an added complication of large packages arriving and needing a place to sit safely until you can retrieve them.


Before you begin your online shopping, plan out how you can receive your parcels.


Know your apartment’s policy on receiving and/or signing for packages. Find out if and where you can receive oversize packages. Many communities will cover this as part of their concierge service or in the amenity package. Check to see when you can pick up your packages. Do they have after-hours pick up? Is there a time limit on how long you can leave your shipments in the office? Be courteous to your apartment staff and respectful of their limited space for storage.


Designate where larger packages can be delivered. If your billing and shipping address are the same, consider adding a line in the shipping info that packages can deliver to your apartment community office.


Check with your employer to find out about shipping your gifts to your work. This may ensure that someone is there to receive them. See if there is safe storage space for your items until you can take them home soon after they arrive.


Holiday online shopping can be fun and make your local shopping easier, but you can help to ensure easy delivery with a bit of planning. I hope you will also save some of your budget for Shop Local Saturday.