Before renting a home or condo, check on HOA rules

by Tom Simplot

Sep 13, 2015

Renting a home or condo in a community with a homeowners association can have its own set of rules for care and behavior. An HOA can protect the rights of homeowners and renters, but there’s also a standard set of responsibilities that the renter and the homeowner share that should be reviewed and followed.

If you are renting in a multifamily condominium development, it’s worth spending time reviewing the HOA guidelines so you don’t run afoul of them or incur fines unexpectedly.

What’s covered in your HOA: Some homeowners associations include utilities, cable, lawn care and other costs in their fees. This may save you money or help to decrease your bills.

Parking: Many multifamily developments offer assigned parking, and your owner will request your car’s license plate information for the HOA or security. If you allow guests to park in your space, you should notify the HOA.

If you are renting a home in a neighborhood with an HOA, there will be different parking rules about street and driveway parking, and the length of time that cars are allowed.

HOA violations: Ask who is notified in the case of a violation. Is your owner/ landlord contacted or the renter when there’s an issue? How will fines be paid if there’s a violation?

Read your lease and ask questions about how issues like this will be handled.