Get the Facts

by Tom Simplot

Jan 17, 2016

Visitors from around the country started to descend on Arizona these past few weeks, and this is just the start of the season. Sports, concerts and other special events bring millions of dollars in revenue to our economy. It can be tempting to open your home to visitors looking for a convenient or discounted place to stay.

Using online services like Airbnb, VRBO and Craigslist, some renters may try to make a little extra money during this high tourist season. Before you decide to do this, get the facts about your rights and responsibilities.

The dangers of doing this can be many and varied. There are certainly safety concerns to consider. This could affect not only your own home, but your neighbors. Even an accident by a short-term visitor could be your responsibility.

Second, it’s important to know the rules that govern your rental home. Your apartment lease may prohibit the subletting of a room in your home. If you are caught renting a room to a visitor, you may give your landlord reason to evict you. Nationally, our multifamily industry leaders are examining this issue to understand how to address it safely and fairly. Apartment owners want their residents to enjoy their homes, but they are duty bound to provide a safe and habitable place. With short-term renters who are not vetted in the same way residents are, they are at a disadvantage.

Apartment residents should be wary of getting involved in these contracts. It’s best to err on the side of keeping your home and neighbors’ homes safe.