Simple actions will improve fire safety in your apartment

by Tom Simplot

Oct 11, 2015

Since this week is national Fire Prevention Week (National Fire Protection Association), it’s a great time to talk about fire safety at home.

Test your smoke alarm. Take a minute to test your smoke detector and ensure all are operating properly.

Have an escape plan. Running a little exercise where you and your family test out a route to get out will make an emergency less scary.

 Be aware while you are cooking. Forty percent of home fires start in the kitchen and unattended cooking can be a major factor in a fire.

 Learn how to put out a fire on the stovetop and in the oven. Keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen. Teach your children about how to properly use the microwave and stove to prevent scalding burns.

 Only invest in a space heater with auto-off or overheating protection. Always turn off heaters and be sure they are operating away from anything that could catch fire like furniture or curtains.

 Be very careful with candles. Place candles away from other objects. Never go to sleep while a candle is still burning.

 All of these tips are simple and fast. Take some time out this week to talk with your family about fire safety. Put together a plan of action in case something ever happens.