Finding the right smoke-free apartment for college

by Tom Simplot

Jul 26, 2015

In just a few short weeks, tens of thousands of students will be coming back to Arizona to start college. Parents and students are visiting apartment communities and looking at rental homes trying to find the right place for the upcoming year. Part of this decision should include looking at the smoking policies of the student’s home.

Among the biggest health-and-welfare issues in an apartment community are smoking and secondhand smoke. Many communities and rentals are going smoke free to protect the health and welfare of residents. Many renters — even those who smoke — prefer smoke-free housing for cleanliness and health benefits.

When you are touring apartment communities, take a few minutes and ask the agent some questions:

  • Ask if smoking is allowed in units or in common areas. Get clarity about where smoking is permitted, if it’s allowed. Ask your property manager how complaints are handled about smoking.
  • Look for the Smoke-Free Arizona signs. Every community is required to post signage reminding residents that smoking is not permitted in common areas, doorways, laundry rooms, etc.
  • Ask if your unit was ever a smoking unit. For those with more severe sensitivities, the smoke smell or residue could impact your health.

If you rent a single-family home, talk to the owner/manager about smoking rules. Find out if the last renters were smokers and what was done to they did to mitigate the smell in walls and furnishings.