End of the Year Deals on Moves

by Tom Simplot

Dec 6, 2015

Finding a new apartment or rental in a tight market like Arizona’s can be a challenge, but this season it’s also an opportunity. The holiday season tends to be slower in the rental market as most people like to move in the spring and summer. And you might find year-end deals.


Move-in incentives: Some management companies and owners may offer move-in incentives on new leases to start the year with leased units. Ask if there are special rates or concessions. Maybe they can offer a break on utilities.


Moving company deals: Many moving companies offer holiday deals, so there might be some savings in store for you. There’s less competition at this time of year.


New furniture: If you are planning to purchase new furniture for your place, the best deals can be found in January. February starts the new season for furnishings. In January, last year’s couches are generally on sale. Major retailers offer linen and white sales in January.


Better weather: Here in Arizona, the climate cooperates too. I think we all had a summer move in Arizona where we spent a day in and out of air conditioning carrying boxes and mattresses. Packing and shuttling boxes isn’t nearly as rough when it’s 60-70 degrees.


Lower electric bills: Your electric bills are likely to be lower in the winter, leaving you a little extra in your budget for the move and other new items you may need. It can be a nice way to ease into your new home. Be sure to budget for the warmer months that are just around the corner though.