Earth Day Conservation

by Tom Simplot

Apr 3, 2016

It’s April and already we are approaching the 100-degree mark in Phoenix. April also marks Earth Month, and it’s a reminder that we can do our part to conserve in our apartments, too. Here’s how:


LED bulbs. Head to the hardware store for new light bulbs. LED lights conserve energy, burn cooler and last for years. You can often find these bulbs on sale in April, so it’s a great time to make the investment. Low-flow faucets. Grab a few low flow faucet heads there, too. These faucet regulators will help you conserve water. They are inexpensive and easy to swap out in your apartment. Some faucet heads allow you to regulate the water flow, too, so if you’re washing dishes, you can turn it up to give you more water pressure.


Programmable thermostat. These thermostats will likely save you money when programmed correctly. Some of the newer thermostats like the Nest are even programmable from your phone or laptop.


Check your energy plan. Call your power provider and make sure you’re on the right energy plan. Arizona power companies offer a variety of plans that allow you to take advantage of off-peak hours. Check power company websites.


Clean your fridge. The coils behind your refrigerator may be dirty, and a cleaning could help the appliance operate more efficiently. If you are unsure how to clean the coils in the back, your maintenance team in your apartment community may be able to help.