Drowning Prevention

by Tom Simplot

May 22, 2016

There’s nothing better than jumping in the pool when temperatures hit triple digits.


Many apartment communities offer community pools, water play areas and spas. Safety around water must be the priority.


The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona (DPCA) has developed a simple safety program:


Block: The State of Arizona mandates that pools have barriers but this isn’t enough. When the pool gets busy, we can be tempted to prop open the gate but this could result in a serious accident. Be sure pool barriers are closed and locked.


Watch: Drownings can occur in just a few seconds and often there’s little to no noise associated. When you are near water, take a look around and find out where life preservers are in case of emergency.


» Make sure there’s an adult dedicated to watching kids around water – every single minute. If you have to go inside, or take a call, find another person to watch kids in water. Most drownings happen in less than five minutes.


Learn: Learning to swim is another way to protect yourself and prevent drowning. Being a swimmer isn’t foolproof protection from drowning, but it’s a great step.


» Parents and those responsible for kids around water should learn proper CPR techniques. If you can’t take a certification class, go online and find a training video so you can help save a life.


Learn more: preventdrownings.org/drowning.