Clean as you Move

by Tom Simplot

Sep 18, 2016

When you live in a large apartment community, your management team may have referrals for cleaning services. Many companies have a database of licensed and bonded professional companies that you can use to clean your home while you are away at work.


If you are using a new cleaning company, you need to meet with the service provider and walk them through your community. When you live in an apartment community, near other families’ homes, it’s smart to choose a licensed cleaning service that is insured to help protect your home and your neighbors’.


When you meet the housekeeping team for the first time, take the time to show them where to properly dispose of trash and/or recycling. Parking spaces are often at a premium in communities and you can let your cleaning service team know the best places to park when they are there.


For communities with key cards or key fobs for entry, you may want to alert the management team on site that you will have a contractor in your home. Some communities have special codes for contractors so they can manage their entry and departure. This protects you and your neighbors when someone has the key to your home and codes to secure areas.