Clean the air and breathe easier in your apartment

by Tom Simplot

Jan 10, 2016

Last week’s air quality made it difficult to breathe outside, even for those who are healthy. Winter can be an especially tough season for many people with asthma or other respiratory issues when the pollutants in the air rise to unhealthy levels.

 Those of us in metro Phoenix were advised to stay indoors and were forbidden from burning wood in fireplaces. The haze in the sky was visible, and experts recommended that vulnerable populations take additional care for their lung health.

 The recent rains have cleared out some of this pollution, but it’s a reminder that we can do things inside our homes to clean the air and protect our family’s health.

 Vacuum and mop. Your vacuum, especially those with HEPA filters, can suck up pet dander, dust and pollens that have settled into the rugs and carpet. Mopping will pick up additional dust and allergens.

 Add a humidifier. A small room humidifier can help you to breathe easier and will improve how your skin feels, too. You want to keep humidity levels around 30-50 percent inside your home.

 Ban smoking. This tip is simple, and the easiest way to improve the air inside your home.

 Change your air filter. Check your lease; you may already be responsible for changing your air filter on a regular basis. If not, contact your management company, and they will likely do it for you. This will help to clean the air in your home and might even save you some money as your system will operate more efficiently with a clean filter.