Clean, Healty Apartments

by Tom Simplot

Jan 24, 2016

The new year always inspires me to think about getting the house in order. The long flu season can be another reason to take additional steps to keep your apartment clean and germ free.

 Wash pillows, mattress pads. Pillows and mattresses collect dust and germs, and it’s important to wash them the same way you wash your bedding. At least twice a year, vacuum your mattress and throw the mattress pad in a hot-water wash. Same for your pillows and comforters. If you have a small washer/dryer, your local drycleaner or wash center can help you.

 Clean your phone, keyboard. Every germ on your hands or face gets transferred to these surfaces. Take the time to wipe down your computer keyboard, phone and touchscreens daily with the right kind of cleaning solution.

 Clean the oven. Clean the oven and oven racks twice a year to avoid the smell of burned food. Oven cleaners available at the store do a great job of cleaning up stubborn food drips. If you have a self-cleaning oven, read the user’s manual carefully.

 Steam-clean the carpets. In addition to regular vacuuming, you need to deep clean your rugs and carpets at least yearly. Rent a steamer to clean your carpets and maybe your fabric furniture, too. You can always hire a professional company, and they can spot clean if you need it.

 Clean the dishwasher. Open up your dishwasher and smell. It’s an environment that is hot and wet, where fungi and black yeast can grow. Every month, run your empty dishwasher on its hottest setting with a full cup of apple cider vinegar