Be safe, considerate when using community grill

by Tom Simplot

Jul 19, 2015

A tray of burgers, steaks and veggies ready for the grill is the ultimate sign of summer. We all have had a steak fire up a little higher than we intended and had to put the flames out with a handy spray bottle.

Many apartment communities offer gas barbecue grills for residents to use. These are a great amenity and make dinner easy. The grills may be much nicer than the one you have at home, and you don’t have to lug it downstairs. Here are tips for staying safe and being a good neighbor while you grill:

Safety first:

Carefully light the grill according to instructions. Do not use lighter fluid unless permitted. A normal gas grill will likely not need it.

Do not leave the grill unattended. If the grill is left open, a small flare-up could cause a major fire. Besides, you could end up with burned hot dogs. Bring a small spray bottle of water to manage any fires.

Bring an extra tray for cooked meats. That clean plate will keep you and your food safe. Double check that the grill is off, and the gas is turned off and sealed tight.

Community grill etiquette:

Clean up. Take a minute and use a barbecue brush or ball of tin foil and wipe down grill grates. Report any issues with the barbecue to management immediately. They are responsible for the