Safety reminders for getting our children back to school

by Tom Simplot

Aug 23, 2015

Back to school time is full of hope and energy. Here are some safety tips for protecting our kids.

Buddy system: If you are a parent in an apartment community, look for other parents who are sending their kids on the same school buses or public transportation. Create a buddy system so your kids know a couple of schoolmates as they board the school bus. If your student is riding on public transit, this is especially important. Students riding alone should practice the transit routes a couple of times with parents to gain confidence in the system.

Practice the route: For children who are able to walk to school, take the time to show your student the best route and ways to walk safely. Show your students how to use the sidewalks and crosswalks.

Bicycle safety: Be sure that your student wears a fitted helmet and knows the rules of the road. Bike locks are a must.

Practice coming home: Be sure your children know how to get into their apartment and lock the door. Talk with your manager and let them know your students may be home in the afternoon. If there’s a common area for your students to study, and they are of an appropriate age for the community room, review the rules.

As drivers, riders and neighbors, every one of us must take responsibility to ensure our kids get to school and home safely. Be cautious of bicycle riders as they get accustomed to their routes. Stop when you see school buses stopped in your area. Slow down in school zones.